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Laetitia Ky


About Laetitia

 Laetitia Ky is a one-of-a-kind artist, activist, and creative voice based in Ivory Coast, West Africa.

A multitalented artist who denounces her artistic journey through the metamorphoses of bodies and the definitions of the contemporary human condition.

Her unique sculptures, created using her Afro hair – mediated through photography and videos – celebrate the artist’s roots exploring themes that are often delicate and uncomfortable. 

Her creations represent a powerful communication tool conceived to raise awareness on issues of race, gender and social justice, adapting elements from Ivorian customs and folklore. Elements of national identity, reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

LaetitiaKY NFT Drop


During the next Venice Biennale, Laetitia will be dropping their NFTs collection
 connected with 8 physical artworks exhibited in the Ivory Coast Pavilion

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    The Artworks

    The Pavilion of Ivory Coast

    The dreams of a story

    The theme of the Côte d’Ivoire Pavilion (“The Dreams of a Story”) seeks to highlight the exceptional capacity of the new Ivorian creative generation to merge – through art – traditions and innovations, memories and dreams of a destiny to be built in the contemporary art landscape. Following the triumph of African sculptures around the world, to which the country’s ancient artists have strongly contributed, the dreams of creating a new history are more than justifiable.

    Those who sleep, open themselves up to the realm of dreams. And it is precisely in dreams that images, myths and echoes of oral or written narratives are naturally recreated, of facts born from our own experiences, in particular our childhood, along with sublimations of our habitat… These dreams tell stories which, in Africa, often carry the value – and the validation – of spontaneous creation when one is looking to interpret and represent the socio-economic realities of the subject and of the collective. Knowledge of the local and universal past, in every part of the Earth, perhaps assumes greater power and meaning through art. Pointing out the relationship between art and history is almost trivial. 

    Nevertheless, as the surrealists have reminded us, that of the essence of art and that of the essence of dreaming must be constantly called upon to give back to ourselves and to illuminate our paths as we make our way through the world. Art, in fact, is nothing more than the true intersection between dream and history. Between the subject who acts, who creates and who establishes themselves as the author and their work, which becomes part of a shared heritage. And if this story has been denied to us, then we must dream of it through the works and the artistic expression of the artists featured in the Côte d’Ivoire pavilion.

    Venue: Magazzino del Sale 3, Dorsoduro 264, Venice